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Recruiting Talents

Beijing Jianling Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional ecological environment instrument 

supplier and technical service provider.

With the development of the company's scale, the company is now recruiting positions as 


Regional Sales Manager (10K+ commission, no duty)

1. Responsible for customer development and follow-up maintenance in the region.

2, to provide customers with technical advice and solutions, and timely track and grasp the project 

information and progress.

3, familiar with the company's related product knowledge and industry knowledge, and actively participate 

in the organization of regional product seminars, exhibitions and training exchanges.

4. Complete the sales task set by the company.

Job requirements

1, Bachelor degree or above, major in ecology and environment, agriculture and forestry, meteorology, soil, 

ecology and other related education or experience, more than 2 years of sales work experience is preferred.

2, excellent language skills and good social skills, good at maintaining customer relations.

3. Ability to solve problems independently and adapt to frequent business trips.

4. Good oral, reading and writing skills in Chinese and English, CET-4 or above.

5. Willing to accept new products, learn new technologies, have the spirit of challenge, and have strong 

market sensitivity to the industry.

Sales and Business Assistant 8K+

1. Responsible for daily sales document drafting and management, communication and coordination with 

customers, etc.

2. Coordinated marketing academic conference registration, materials preparation and meeting minutes.

3. Collect relevant bidding information, assist in sales and purchase of tenders and tender preparation.

4. Responsible for monthly, quarterly and annual statistical statements and reports of various sales indicators.

5. Assist the supervisor in managing other related work of the department.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in ecology and environment, agriculture and forestry, meteorology, soil, 

ecology and other related education or experience is preferred.

2, have a strong sense of responsibility, excellent language skills and communication and coordination skills.

3, have the ability to independently deal with complex problems and critical events.

4, good English and Chinese proficiency, skilled use of office software.

Technical engineer 12K+

1. Cooperate with sales to do pre-sales technical consultation, understand customer application needs, and 

provide solutions.

2. Responsible for instrument installation, commissioning, training and maintenance.

3. Sorting out product materials, application cases, data analysis reports, literature sorting, etc.

4. Responsible for internal and external application training and cooperative research of the company's 


Job requirements

1, Master degree or above, major in ecology and environment, agriculture and forestry, meteorology, soil, 

ecology or other related education or greenhouse gas research experience or stable isotope research 


2, have a strong English ability, proficient in English literature review.

3. Strong ability of ecological environment research, data analysis and summary and paper writing

4. Adapt to travel requirements.

Hardware Engineer (12K+)

1, according to the project requirements of product design, schematic design, PCB design, etc.;

2, prepare product circuit diagram, BOM table, specifications and other information, according to the 

requirements to complete the design output;

3, participate in the project plan, complete the production of samples;

4, product hardware circuit debugging, safety performance, EMC testing and rectification;

5, electronic material BOM sorting, component selection.

Job requirements

1, automation, electronics related major, bachelor degree or above, at least 1 year related work experience, 

instrument experience is preferred;

2, familiar with digital circuit and analog circuit design, all kinds of sensors (temperature humidity, wind 

speed, wind direction) have a certain understanding;

3. Familiar with product development process, selection and use of common components, digital control, 

STM32 control board design;

4, proficient in office/Excel and other office software, master common EDA software, circuit simulation, 

familiar with the use of general instruments, able to independently complete circuit design, debugging and 

test verification.

  • Total attendance bonus + year-end bonus + Five insurance and one fund + no overtime

  • Free lunch + laptop + transportation allowance + accommodation allowance

  • Savings + two trips a year + annual physical examination

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