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Spectrum Spec 9 Professional Edition software


Spectrum has always pursued innovation and developed a wide range of professional quality products for crop environmental monitoring, nutrient management, soil moisture measurement/irrigation solutions and pest control. As authorized agents of Spectrum, we are committed to maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, enabling them to work efficiently, perform better and be profitable. Welcome to contact!

Spec 9 Pro is Spectrum's product specific software.

The software has powerful analytical tools that are simple to operate and easy to use:

• Live images with interactive graphics Windows

Create, customize and save the most important report formats, or choose from 13 standard reports

• Increase pest and disease models to predict pests and reduce pesticide costs; A graphical report is generated for each pest

• Set frost alerts to call your phone when frost temperatures are reached or other conditions occur

• The automatic logger is downloaded wirelessly or directly with the weather station

• Periodically generate log files for network data applications or create XML files that can be published on websites

• Use an open file management system - all logger data is stored one file per month, simplifying file sharing and output - to find and use data easily

• Input data files from other applications

• International features, including regional formats for handling dates, times, and numbers, available in metric or US systems

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