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DJ1000 Data collector


DJ1000 is a data collector independently developed and produced by our company, which can complete sensor signal acquisition, data algorithm processing, data storage, communication, clock synchronization, status monitoring and operation management, etc., and provide output interface and complete functional protocol. The real-time operation and operation of the collector are realized through the embedded system.


Main technical parameters:

8 digital interfaces, 4 analog interfaces;

CAN bus interface 1;

128M self-storage space, can be connected to a maximum 128GB SD card;

1 power interface;

The system comes with a low power CMOS real-time clock chip, which can accept the time correction instruction of the monitoring center to ensure the clock synchronization of the monitoring station network.

System comes with watchdog timer;

SD card storage can be expanded;

Operating voltage range: 10.8 ~ 13.2V(12V±10%);

Industrial grade operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ +75℃;

Sampling frequency: 1 second.