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Congratulations on the successful holding of the Ninth Youth Geoscience Forum


The 9th Youth Geoscience Forum will be held in Xiamen, Fujian Province from May 17 to 20, 2024. It is a free, equal and competitive exchange platform initiated by Chinese young earth scientists, with outstanding scientists as advisors, young scholars and graduate students as participants.

It is co-organized by Xiamen University College of Oceanology and Earth, Xiamen University College of Environment and Ecology, Xiamen Strait Key Laboratory of Meteorology.



Since its inception in 2014, the Forum has been successfully held for eight sessions in Lanzhou (2014), Urumqi (2015), Xi 'an (2016), Chengdu (2017), Nanjing (2018), Xining (2019), Guiyang (2021) and Wu (2023). It has gradually developed into a feast for academic exchanges and ideological collisions among young earth scientists in China. We plan to set up 20 topics, and now we sincerely invite colleagues from all over the country to participate in this forum. Our company has the honor to participate in this meeting as a sponsor.


The conference was carried out with the baton of the scientific research on the evolution and critical processes of complex coastal systems, environmental catalytic processes in the atmosphere, and the stability of soil carbon pools in alpine grasslands and wetlands under climate change. At the meeting, our company showed other people from all walks of life our products portable soil breathing chamber, micro rain radar and other monitoring equipment, which received extensive attention and support from everyone.




With the joint efforts of the organizers, organizers and the participating teachers, the academic conference has achieved a complete success. As the sponsor of the conference, our company will continue to uphold the development and cultural concept of "service, refinement and progress together" and serve you wholeheartedly.