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Tubular soil moisture monitor


1 Introduction

Tubular soil moisture monitoring instrument is also known as soil profile temperature and humidity measuring instrument, soil moisture monitoring instrument adopts the international leading (FDR) frequency domain reflection measurement principle, combined with advanced low-power current reflection digital processing technology, the obtained data is accurate, reliable, is a convenient to use and carry, powerful and fast soil moisture tester. Among them, the sensor and recorder adopt integrated design, with a special soil drill can measure the temperature and humidity parameters at any point on the soil profile at any time, which is very suitable for long-term monitoring in the field, because of the integrated design, there is also a good experience in anti-theft, the whole body is made of PVC composite materials. Operating temperature range :-30℃ ~ 70℃. Available models: EJ-50 (50cm),EJ-60 (60cm),EJ-100 (100cm),EJ-150 (150cm),EJ-200 (200cm).



Technical parameters:

 Temperature range: -30℃ ~ 70℃. Humidity range: 0 ~ 100%

 Measurement accuracy: ±0.4℃. Measurement accuracy: ±3%

 Temperature resolution: 0.05℃. Humidity resolution: 0.5%

 Temperature type: PT1000 platinum resistor. Humidity parameter: relative moisture content

 Average power consumption: < 1mA(storage interval 60 seconds)

Third, functions and characteristics

 Low power consumption:

Average power consumption: Average operating current <0.5mA (battery powered: storage interval 60 seconds).

2 Integration Integration:

Whole-process data tracking, long recording time, data acquisition, processing, storage, multi-layer moisture (and temperature) sensor, communication terminal in one, and no data loss after power failure. Record interval 1 minute to 100 days any setting (it is recommended to set more than minutes, battery life is proportional to the length of the interval.)

3 Memory, storage function:

The detection data can be accessed at any time, which speeds up the processing speed of information.

4 Support Bluetooth: mobile APP data reading, export, device startup, etc.

5 Instruments have:

Relative water content, volume water content, mass water content measurement function, can output a measurement method according to customer requirements, with calibration table function, allowing for special soil for secondary calibration, higher measurement accuracy. It is less affected by the salt content of the soil and has a stronger ability to adapt to most soil. The platform supports three data modes of relative water content, volumetric water content, and mass water content. Support field capacity conversion function of equipment.

6 Accuracy and stability:

Logical judgment, statistical processing function. The measurement data can be analyzed, counted and corrected, and the errors of linearity, nonlinearity, temperature, noise, response time, cross induction and slow deviation can be compensated, which improves the measurement accuracy. Self-diagnosis, self-calibration function. It can be self-tested when the power is turned on, can be self-tested in the work, and can be real-time self-diagnostic tests to determine which component is faulty, improving the reliability of the work.

7. Representation of data:

The soil volume is wider, and the soil range is a cylinder with a diameter of 70 cm and a height of 7 cm, which is more than ten times that of the ordinary sensor.