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BJJL17-40S type lysimeter


1. Use and introduction

BJJL17-40S lysimeter is an important tool to study soil evaporation and water balance in the field, which can be used to measure evapotranspiration, study the rule of crop water consumption, and determine the downward seepage of soil water. Integrated structure design, small size, easy installation, digital weighing and measuring structure, can be equipped with GPRS data collector to achieve remote data transmission, can also be used as a sensor access to the existing observation system for observation, reduce scientific research costs.



2. the working principle

High-precision weighing sensor and special measuring equipment are used to weigh the micro changes of soil column, obtain the changes of soil water storage in soil column, collect the leakage, and obtain the overall water balance factor for the calculation of evapotranspiration.图片1.png

3. Technical indicators

Soil column specification: diameter 40cm, soil column height 50cm

External protection barrel: PVC material made of integrated structure

Evaporation area: 0.1256m2

Evaporation resolution: 0.01mm

Leakage resolution: 0.03mm

Automatic drainage system: with water automatic pump out function

Supply voltage: 12~14V

Signal output: digital SDI-12 signal

Transmission mode: GPRS

4. CR300 Data collector

Supply voltage: 12~14V

Number of channels: 24, SDI-12 ports

Data transmission: GPRS transmission, support WEB query browsing download data

Communication interface: RS232, USB

Data storage: 10MB 

5.solar power supply components

12V20W/7.2Ah, solar controller and mounting bracket