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Vertex IV Ultrasonic tree height rangefinder



One use: VertexIV is the ideal instrument for accurate measurement of height, distance and horizontal distance in the field. The measurement results are accurate and reliable, and it has become the standard instrument for field measurement work in the world.

The ultrasonic measurement system and the Red Cross sight guarantee accurate results in dense jungle and complex environments, measuring a single target height at any distance within 30m and recording up to 6 different heights of the target.

It is widely used in the investigation of forest resources and the positioning of fine tree varieties.

Two principles: ultrasonic principle, frequency 25kHz, the use of different frequency radar transmitter positioning, instrument ultrasonic measurement, automatically calculate the height of the measured object, distance, inclination and other parameters.

Three features:

· Display height, distance and Angle

· Display in metric British units

· Strong aluminum housing

· Support Bluetooth communication

· Low power consumption


Four basic technical indicators:

·Vertex IV dimensions: 80×50×30mm

· Weight: 160g

· Power supply: 1×1.5V AA alkaline battery

· Current: 20mA, 150mA for Bluetooth communication

· Ultrasonic frequency: 25KHz

· Operating temperature: -15° C-45 °C

· Wireless communication: Bluetooth or IR

· Distance resolution: 0.01m

Range accuracy: 1% or higher

· Angle: -55° ~ +85°

· Angular resolution: 0.1°

· Measuring height: 0 ~ 999m

· High resolution: 0.1m

·60 degree transceiver measurement distance: 30m/100 feet

· 360-degree transceiver measuring distance: 20 m/60 ft

5 Buying Guide:

VERTEX IV-360 ultrasonic height finder. Includes :Vertex IV host, T3 interfrequency radar transmitter, 360º adapter, positioning rod.



Origin and manufacturer: Haglof, Sweden