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N-Pen Plant nitrogen measuring instrument


N-pen Plant Nitrogen analyzer is a portable instrument for determining the content of available nitrogen in plants during the growing season. The instrument determines the nitrogen content according to the characteristics of the reflected light of the plant leaves, in fact, the characteristics of the reflected light of the leaves are determined by the amount of chlorophyll contained in them, and the chlorophyll content is closely related to the leaf nitrogen content, and the nitrogen content can be directly measured after the correction of a certain plant.



Functional features:

N-pen is small and portable, suitable for field, indoor and teaching. Non-destructive measurement of plants is fast, easy and easy to operate. The same sample can be measured countless times during the growing season, using 4 AAA alkaline batteries

Rapid acquisition of plant leaf nitrogen content has a guiding effect on rational and efficient application of nitrogen fertilizer, and has important significance in reducing cost and environmental pollution

The instrument corrects nitrogen content data directly for specific crops (such as wheat, barley and corn), and users can also correct for a particular species according to their own needs

Easy to operate, just clamp the blade in the blade clamp to read, N-PEN can save the data one by one, can also calculate the average value

Sampling should be performed on different plants of the same species, with the second or third leaf selected from the top, and the same position (near the middle) detected on each leaf.


Technical parameter

Measurement parameter: measured nitrogen content after correction

Built-in calibration parameters: corn, wheat, barley

Measurement light: dual wavelength light source 565nm-760nm

Detection wavelength: 500-800nm

Storage: 4M

Data storage: 100,000

Display: 2×8 characters black and white LCD screen

Keyboard: airtight waterproof design with 2 keys

Power supply: 4 rechargeable or alkaline batteries, can be used continuously for 48 hours, insufficient power alarm

Automatic shutdown: No operation for 3 minutes

Dimensions: 170×57×30 mm, 6.7"×2.2"×1.2"

Weight: 180g

Operating environment: Temperature 0-55 oC, relative humidity 0-95% (no condensation)

Storage conditions: Temperature -10-60 oC, relative humidity 0-95% (non-condensing)

Origin: Czech Republic