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Portable chlorophyll content meter CM1000



Usage: The CM-1000 chlorophyll meter is used to accurately measure the relative chlorophyll content of plants and crops, which can improve the application of nitrogen fertilizer

To understand the true nitro requirements of plants and to help you understand the level of soil nitro deficiency or whether too much is being applied

Added nitrogen fertilizer. With this instrument, you can increase the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer and protect the environment (prevent the application of too much nitrogen)

The environment, especially water, is polluted by fertilizer.



· Fast and accurate measurement;

· No damage to the measured object;

· Own data storage;

· Can display the average value of multiple measurements;

· Automatic ambient light compensation;

· Light weight, handheld design;

· Can be connected with GPS;

· Independent operation without computer assistance.

Technical specifications:

Type of measurement

Plant leaves, lawn canopy

Measurement mode

Relative chlorophyll content was calculated from reflected light at 700 nm and 840 nm wavelengths

Measured area

30.5 cm and 183 cm conical area

Minimum measuring distance


Maximum measuring distance


Measuring area diameter

1.35 cm (at distance of 30.5 cm); 3.07 cm (at 45.7 cm); 11.8 cm (at a distance of 122 cm)


Four photodiodes, two for measuring ambient light and two for measuring the reflected light of the sample

Measuring range

0-999, relative chlorophyll content

Measuring interval

Measure for 2 seconds each time


±5% of the reading

Data storage

1350 data (when GPS data is included), 3250 data (when GPS data is not included), non-loss memory (requires communication cable and software configuration)

Battery level

2 AAA alkaline batteries can be measured about 3000 times