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JL-T2000 portable soil carbon flux respirator



First, measurement parameters (function) :

Accurately measure the temperature and humidity of the soil, as well as the CO2 concentration, temperature, and moisture humidity of the gas in a certain volume

Second, the main application:

Environmental gas monitoring, soil respiration, carbon flux, etc

Three, the main technical indicators:

1. Integrated breathing chamber and analyzer: stainless steel, pollution-free soil.

Measuring area: 314 (cm2);

Measurement volume: 2900 (cm3);

Temperature range: -30~80 degrees Celsius;

Humidity range: 0-100RH;

Dimensions: Length 280* width 280* height 500mm

Net weight: 4kg;

2. Analyzer: non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer, with automatic temperature, pressure compensation function.

1) CO2 measurement range: 0-1000ppm, 0-2000ppm, 0-5000ppm, 0-10000ppm, 0-20000ppm, 0-30000ppm, 0-50000ppm, 0-100000ppm (10%), the above range is optional.

2) Accuracy: 1000ppm±0.1%, 2000ppm±0.1%, 5000ppm±0.5%.

3) HO2 measurement range: 0-99%.

4) Pressure compensation range: 80-115kPa.

5) Stability: Regular automatic zeroing to correct errors caused by sample chamber contamination, light source and monitor aging, with amplifier gain function.

6) Gas measuring body flow rate range: 100-1000ml min-1


3. Soil sensor: synchronous measurement, soil moisture, soil salt, soil temperature; Sensor instantaneous; Corresponding no calibration required; Compact, durable and maintenance-free, it measures dielectric permanence, soil moisture and soil conductivity.





1—65,1 =空气,78 =蒸馏水




±0.03 水分体积含量


0-20 dS/m

±2.0%或±0.002 dS/m 二者选最大