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W20 Wind sensor



The W20 also offers long life and reliability, with smooth operation throughout 360°. Precision spherical bearings are resistant to corrosion, dust and moisture, so that the sensor can work in various weather conditions in the field for a long time. W20 has high sensitivity and is suitable for remote station operation.

Application field

Field meteorology

Ecological meteorology

Road meteorology

Technical parameter

Large working range: 0 ~ 60m/s

Starting wind speed: 0.27m/s (standard)

Precision: ±3° (when the steady wind speed exceeds 5m/s).

Resolution: +/- 0.2°

Maximum wind speed: over 65 m/s (standard)

Fan circumference: 360° mechanical Angle, allowing continuous rotation

Temperature range: -50 to +70°C

Cable: 3m permanent connection six-core * cable with braided shielding/shielding as standard. Longer lengths (up to 115m) can be ordered.