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Portable automatic sounding system


JL-TK satellite navigation sounding receiver

Product introduction

Satellite navigation sonde receiver is a multi-channel receiving system developed according to the requirements of the Functional Specification of Satellite Navigation Sonde Receiver issued by China Meteorological Administration. It has the characteristics of good environmental adaptability, reliability and stability, high measurement accuracy, easy maintenance, etc. It can quickly and accurately obtain the temperature, humidity, pressure, wind and other parameters of different sonde deployed in the air by various stations. Equipment for continuous receiving of radiosonde data.

Equipment composition

The satellite navigation sounding receiver consists of a receiver host, an antenna assembly and a structural support.

Performance parameter

Electrical parameters are shown in Table 1:

Operating frequency range


Receiving sensitivity


Airborne transmission rate


Adjacent channel selectivity


Receive frequency tracking and search range


Spectrum sweep characteristic

Sensitivity range: 0-110dBm

1KHz/3KHz/6KHz, the resolution can be set

Receiving channel

2 or 8 channels

Modulation mode


Power supply mode


Antenna impedance


The ground signal receiving and processing equipment of the observation system adopts two modes: omnidirectional antenna or directional antenna.

Antenna cable length: ≤50m(N to N,50-7 lines);

Omnidirectional antenna: receives 360° direction data, no servo system, the antenna is placed in the radome.

Maximum antenna gain ≥3dBi.

The cable length must meet actual installation requirements.

Size (mm):φ370*485;

Weight: ≤3KG;

Size (mm):666*375*50;

Weight: ≤1KG;

Head size (mm):150*100*152

Head weight: ≤2.3Kg

Software function

Visual base measurement calibration business, intelligent display of sonde frequency information, sonde data, output base measurement results, quickly realize base measurement calibration business.

Visualization of radiosonde business, a variety of radiosonde data charts, intuitive display of the whole life cycle of the radiosonde process.


System software


Receiver host


Weather station field test