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Tipping bucket rain sensor


JL-RM tipping bucket rainfall sensor is a new generation of electronic telemetry equipment integrating rainfall sensing, intelligent data acquisition and wireless data transmission. By using the intermittent tipping action of the tipper, the reed switch is driven to send out a pulse signal, so as to convert non-electricity into electricity output. JL-RM tipping bucket rainfall sensor has reasonable design, accurate counting, reliable storage, beautiful appearance, easy operation and use, and can set various parameters and receive data (instant rainfall, hourly rainfall, etc.) through the background computer, convenient and fast to establish regional high time and space, high density automatic rainfall detection network. It is widely used in real-time monitoring of flood control and rain, evaluation of artificial rain enhancement, meteorological and hydrological business research, agricultural production guidance, urban environmental monitoring and other fields.


Main technical parameters:

Measuring range






Rain bearing aperture


Applicable rainfall intensity