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Congratulations on the successful conclusion of our participation in the Achma Asia Exhibition in Germany


The 10th International Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Exhibition and Achma Asia 2016 was successfully held in Beijing National Convention Center from May 9 to 12, 2016. Representatives of our company and DECHEM-TECH of Germany jointly exhibited cleverchem series automatic chemical analyzers of DECHEM-TECH of Germany.


In this high-level exhibition, there are many Chinese and foreign researchers, university professors and other experts, have a strong interest in our instruments, and to introduce the most advanced cleverchem automatic intermittent chemical analyzer application field, and use methods.



The picture above is to introduce the use of cleverchem automatic chemical analyzer to an 

80-year old expert in the chemical field, and discuss the application problems. The conference 

was successfully concluded on May 12, 2016, and the cleverchem series of fully automatic 

chemical analyzers on display were once praised by experts from all walks of life.

Brief introduction of Achma Exhibition in Germany

As early as 1989, German Achema came to Beijing to hold an Asian tour. Since then, it has been

held every three years, until 2013, the Achma Asia Exhibition has been successfully held for 

nine consecutive years. In the past 30 years, the exhibition has become an influential process 

industry event in China and even the Far East with its high degree of internationalization and 

specialization. Although the number of local Chinese exhibitors has continued to increase, our 

proportion of international exhibitors has remained at more than half.

The conference events held in conjunction with the exhibition were also of a very high standard.and this tradition was further carried forward in 2013. The German Federal Ministry of 

Education and Research, the Chinese Chemical Society (CIESC), the German Welding Society, 

the International Association of Chemical Manufacturers (AICM), the Chinese Society of Instrum

entation (CIS), and the China Desalination Association (CDA) all participated in holding a 

number of high-level seminars.